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leisure rent australia motorhome rental

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4-berth hi-top campervan australia motorhome rental

Leisure Rent
4-Berth Hi-Top Campervan motorhome rentalaustralia
AutoAge: 2017 or newer
2.7 litre2 Burner Gas Stove
Air ConditioningDinette Bed
Power SteeringRadio & CD player
number of adultsx 2number of childrenx 2
LEISURERENT 4 BERTH HI-TOP CAMPERVANS Our current model, automatic Hi-Top Campervans offer a convenient way to travel for up to two adults and two teenagers, or three adults. You can also hire one child restraint if travelling with an infant. With a convertible dinette which forms a double bed, there’s also a roof bunk, sink, stove, microwave and fridge. It’s so easy to prepare meals whilst you’re travelling.
4-Berth Hi-Top Campervan
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5+AUD $60.54
These prices are for pick ups this week.
Prices may vary according to seasonality.

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