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beta 2s - motorhome rental australia

spaceships au beta 2s motorhome rental australia

Spaceships AU
Auto 2003-2005 (fitted out 2015 - 2016)
2.4 litre Euro 3 Petrol AM FM Radio
Fridge/Freezer Gas cooker
Heating / AC in Driver's Cab  
number of adultsx 2

The perfect upgrade from a car - The Beta 2S is the newest, most refined vehicle with the rear seat removed creating 40% extra space inside. Well suited to two people looking to travel more discreetly with improved comfort, privacy and space. It also contains all the essential travelling equipment including a dual burner cooker, fridge/freezer, full size double bed with an extendable sleeping option under an awning , water supply, seating for two, air conditioning and a stereo with MP3 player. Just the fact that you are driving a good car has its own cost savings and advantages in comparison with bulky campervans and motorhomes.

Like a good car to drive:
Fun, safe and easy to drive
Automatic transmission
Compact, versatile and comfortable
Easy to drive and park

With more useful features than a campervan:
• Large double bed (use it fully inside or extended out the back for good ventilation and 30% more space)
• Self-Charging Dual Battery System – with up to 24 hours battery life so you don’t need powered camps each night.
• Large Lockable Storage Space.

Advantages of travelling in a Beta 2S Spaceship:
• 40% more space vs the Beta 2
• Improved access and privacy with more space to get changed inside.
• A newer, lower mileage vehicle with reduced branding.
• Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of driving a cost-effective vehicle with the option of either staying in a hotel or at a campsite.
• Lower fuel costs because of vehicle size.
• There is no need for powered sites in camping grounds as Spaceships second battery self-charges as you drive giving you more freedom and saving you money.
• Save money on the ferry as a Spaceship is classified as a car.
• Better sleeping environment with larger comfortable bed and insect-proof vented windows for air circulation.
• Extra long bed to 2.37m - available on request.
• Free after hours pick up and drop off service available. 

Vehicle Specifications
Make/Model: Toyota Estima
Transmission: Automatic
Engine and Fuel: 2.4 litre Euro 3 Petrol
Fuel Capacity: 60 litres
Fuel Consumption: Approx 9 litres per 100 kms
Seating: 2 people
Power Steering: Yes
Heating: only in drivers cabin
Air Conditioning: only in drivers cabin
Dual Battery System: Yes
Fridge/Freezer: 15 litres
Lockable Storage: Yes
Dual burner portable Cooker: Yes
Curtains: Yes
Side Awning: 1.5m x 1.5m
Water Supply: 1 x 20 litre container
iPod Connection: Yes
Air bag: Yes
Radio/CD player: Yes
12 Volt Charger: Yes

Double Bed Dimensions: 1.40m x 1.92m

Vehicle Dimensions
Length: 4.8m
Width: 1.6m
Height: 1.8m

Please note: The shown motorhomes are only example vehicles of the different groups. Relevant for your booking is the vehicle data - number of seats and beds, layout - shown on the availability screen and on the reservation screen.
***Please note floor plans and interior shots are indicative only***
***The supplier reserves the right to substitute this vehicle model with other vehicles from the same Category***

Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
5-10 AUD $84.36
11-21 AUD $78.41
22-32 AUD $74.44
33-59 AUD $68.48
60+ AUD $68.48
This price was last updated on . Please click here to search for the latest price on this vehicle.

Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
Spaceships AU Beta 2S motorhome rental australia
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Spaceships AU Rental Terms for travel between 09-Dec-2019 and 11-Dec-2019

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